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As many of you know by now, I am an art student facing a rapily upcoming graduating in the next few months! And you all know what that means; I’m going to be struggling really hard financially because human needs like food are ridiculously expensive.

BUT YOU, YES YOU, CAN HELP JUST A LITTLE AS I EAGERLY JOB HUNT AND GET SOME ART IN RETURN BY COMMISSIONS. (I think we know who the real winner is out of this deal.)

So if you’re interested please email !


-creatures/beast/animals standing alone will be charged the usual price range (this includes adding another person, they will be added to being charged)

-please have details and references ready when contacting me and I will gladly keep in touch to show you the progress if that is desired

-I will send you my paypal information privatelyl

-and I will turn down requests that make me uncomfortable beyond all measures (ex. NSFW 18+ at the moment, non con art) gore is acceptable

Thank you so much for your time and consideration and I hope you have a wonderful day~!

And if you're interested to see more of my art visit my tumblr Uniderp! It's a Guild Wars 2 blog where I often post artwork of my characters!

CG: Secret Santa by UnicornDerp
CG: Secret Santa
Russet wants to wish Ev a merry (belated) holiday~ But she's busy.
She bought him a defense scarf with her wonderful taste in fabric (lack there of at the time)

This is where I tried to do lineless coloring and drawing.
I regret nearly everything
Ink I'm so sorry

Ev belongs to :iconinkknight: who is a darling angelface
and Rudy belongs to :iconchiyokins: who's sweeter than sugar
Dulcedomum: Kasper 2.0 by UnicornDerp
Dulcedomum: Kasper 2.0
Headshot: Dulcedomum: Kasper headshot
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 5' 11"
Age: 22, D.O.B: September 24

Wizard Parent: Sybil Redstone, a sixth generation witch born in 1899, proved herself to be a talented fire using wizard. Deciding that living at Dulcedomum was not for her, nor was settling in any one place for too long, She and her Guardian, Norman, both agreed to become scouts together in order to not only keep in touch with the Family and travel, but to also aid in seeking out more family members and possible future guardians to train. She gave Kasper a different name from hers to keep him under the knights radar while she left him in the care of Norman's grandson when Kasper proved to be too young and vulnerable for a scout's lifestyle as a child with few signs of showing he would be a wizard.

[First Spirit]
Name: Nymorra (Nym for short)
A playful youngster, Nymorra traveled with her two sisters all over to find the sweetest fruit trees and to cause mischief. Kasper came across this bat-like spirit purely by chance when he decided to read under a large fruit tree. The young bat grew curious about the man as he continued to come back again and again to visit her and her sisters. Growing fond of Kasper, she decided to travel with him to see the rest of the world with him and made a pact with him when he offered to take her home, giving the wizard a bit more than what he was expecting.

Element: wind

Spell 1 (Defensive)

--The Shriek
Level one: Kasper is able to let out an ear-piercing scream when (and only when) threatened that is powerful enough to stun his attacker for a few minutes.
Level two: A scream loud enough to crack glass and make a person's ears bleed, Kasper's shriek would leave his attackers stunned for just over 10 minutes (again only when threatened)
<Level three: With a voice like that he can shatter things like glass and knock out his attackers to provide escaping. (Only when he is threatened and this is a last resort)

Spell 2 (Offensive)

 at it's strongest this power would at best be able to make a person grow dizzy and faint. The best way to describe it is like a vacuum effect rendering you unable to breathe

level 1- At this range Kasper can take away the breathable air within a four foot area for no more than a minute and 30 seconds maximum without himself growing weak and dizzy. Can only manage this if given 10 hours between uses.

level 2- Range has expanded to a seven foot radius and can last up to two and a half minutes before Kasper needs to take an immediate break. Still needs the 10 hour cooldown.

level 3- Range is now a ten foot radius and can last up to three and a half minutes of breathlessness maximum with Kasper on the verge of being affected himself.

Personal Information
Personality: The best way to describe Kasper's personality is to imagine a wet cat. Often seen as cranky, rude, stubborn, and at times aggressive, Kasper isn't the best at making friends or any good relationships with large amounts of people. However, being more bark than he is bite, and will show a different side to him if given the patience. Has a habit of becoming nothing more than a pile of fluff around those he likes.

History: Born a fussy baby, Kasper caused Sybil to take time away from her duty as a scout to raise the boy. When she deemed him old enough to travel with her with hopes that she could possibly raise him to be a scout like her. Sadly, despite Sybil's hopes and her attempts to teach the fussy boy, it appeared that Kasper was showing little to no signs of having any abilities that were anticipated nor the attitude. To make it worse after a too close for comfort encounter with a low-level monster proved that he was either not ready or not meant for this lifestyle at all. To make sure Kasper was out of harm's way Sybil left her son in the care of the youngest grandson of her Guardian, Derek at the age of nine.

Of course, this proved to be no easy task for the unexperienced man as Kasper proved to be a difficult and emotional child and often got into fights at school. As an attempt to give the boy a safe place to vent out all that energy and out of his hair, Derek sent Kasper to a summer camp every year while keeping in contact in case he needed to come home. Amazingly enough though, at camp was where Kasper was able to establish a strong friendship with a girl named Adam, a feisty little thing that could pack a nasty punch. Their friendship was not to last as the camp had closed and Kasper was forbidden by his caretaker to keep in contact with the girl, something about their families holding a grudge against the other from what Kasper could recall.

Another handful of years passed and Kasper graduated from highschool and was already planning on going to college to become a writer, but like many things, this was not meant to be. On a fateful evening while he was looking through college brochures Kasper had decided to sit under a particular fruit tree where he met and befriended a spirit, Nymorra. As their friendship grew, Kasper agreed to take Nymorra home with him and on his journey, or what he was expecting to be college, only to wake up the next morning with a strange green mark on the back of his neck.

Misc Info: 
-The spot on his lip is not a mole, but a freckle/birthmark
-he also has several lighter freckles on his nose
-The real reason why he has so many ear piercings was from his early relationship with Nym in which she bit hard enough to bite holes into parts of his ear, the earrings are to cover them up.
-when out in public or not training, Kasper will be often seen wearing a scarf or an article of clothing that can cover his mark.
-Has a pair of reading glasses
-has a broken pocketwatch given to him by Aristar, though refuses to say what will fix it
-owns a pendant that Johan gave him on his birthday that glows in darkness
-has the most untamable hair possible, trust me, he's tried
Dulcedomum: All hail the soap queen by UnicornDerp
Dulcedomum: All hail the soap queen
♦ Looks like you were one of the last ones done at meal time. Nora's caught you, and is forcing you to do dishes with whoever else she caught.

It's been who knows how long since Kasper has been with his friend Adam, though he;s noticing something seems....different about her. Nonetheless, he'll probably try what he can to cheer her up, even if that means smacking her in the face with a soapy handful of soap suds.

sacrificing a red meat for this
BUT ALL I ASK FOR IS MAYBE a tarot card or spirit token! or a feather
Adam doesn't belong to me, she belongs to :iconkinghush:
Kasper is mine though


UnicornDerp's Profile Picture
A Magical Narwhal
United States
And I needed to replace my old journal anyways....
Rules yadda yadda yadda

Rules: (in case you've forgotten)
1) You must post these rules. 
2) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
3) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
4) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
5) No tag-backs.
6) You can't say that you don't do tags.
7) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.

1. What's your dream job? And are you working at it now, or working towards it? Well I'd like to be a character designer or story board artist. Basically I would like to do preproduction work. As to getting there thaaaaat's debatable
2. Could you ever see yourself as the leader of your country? Would you ever want to be? Hell fucking no. This country is messed up enough as is. Granted it needs fixing, but with my bitterness Im sure it wouldn't be for the better and I'd probably be very biased.
3. Have you ever had to confront and overcome your worst nightmare? (being afraid of spiders doesn't count!) Well, I haven't had to face any zombies yet. As for the more personal ones I'm not answering that
4. What smell is the worst smell in the world to you? diaherria or lung infection, basically whatever can come out of the human body. But the absolute fucking worst was this man I met who smelled of disease, infection, body odor, bad food, and ciggarettes. That was the worst.
5. Black licorice and black licorice jelly beans do not taste the same, am I right? If you mean like 50 shades of disgusting.
6. Would you ever spend the night in Hotel de Glace? Visit, but not stay. I get cold too easily.
7. Who is your favourite super hero and why? Hard to say, I like a lot of them. When I was a kid my favorite was Nightcrawler
8. What pokemon would be your ideal starter out of all the starter pokemon? I love too many, basically I'd choose the lizard/frog one for every gen.
9. I love whales! What is your favourite species of whale? Your mom
10. What class do you usually roll in video games? (Rogue, Mage, Tank, etc.) The Noob

So here are my questions!
1. What animated movie songs can you not resist singing to?
2. Tea or coffee?
3.How many blankets do you sleep with?
4. pet peeves?
5. what do you do when nervous?
6. what's your favorite insect?
7. If you could be a dragon what would you hoarde?
8. You happen to be sitting at a park bench next to a man who is wearing a hat and trenchcoat. Suddenly a flocking of purple man-eating flamingoes appear and surround the man, when they depart all that is left is his hat and coat. What would you do?
9. What did you ask for the holidays?
10. what did you just eat?
I ain't tagging nobody, but you can still answer if you want.

EDIT: Now I'm tagging :iconranya-ni: :iconinkknight: :iconzennilynn: :iconwolfdemoncreator: :iconchiyokins: :iconpaulagirl93:

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